Rough Cut

Grandad had the back room of 10 Mount Pleasant Drive all to himself. It was a good arrangement for him - he could keep one eye on the TV (Songs of Praise, Grandstand, One Man and His Dog) and one on his humble but lively garden, the majority of which was filled with the products of his labor: green beans, potatoes, cabbages, marrows. I was always welcome to join him in his room, into which I’d be greeted with a convivial, distinctly northern “Ay up.” He’d invariably be cleaning fresh-picked veg and nursing a cup of lukewarm tea, and would engage me for what seemed like hours about things like soil quality and “hundredweight” yields. But there were mysteries in that room, too. Stories to be told. For one thing, there were the tins. On one occasion while Grandad was in the garden, I snuck in and selected a funky old tobacco tin from the sideboard by the TV - it was colorful and lively with art and letters. Inside I found a couple of half-smoked cigarettes, a well-used but gleaming pocket knife, and a very old photograph of a group of young people looking classically care-free and hip. There was another tin, however, darkly perched on top of the bookcase in the back corner. I reached for it and carefully pulled it down. It was slightly larger than the others - rectangular with a hinged flip-top - with lots of words on the front, two of which I still recall because they seemed a description of my Grandad himself: “Rough Cut”. I had my hand on the lid and began to lift it when Grandad came in and cried “Oi!” Not yet thinking to apologize for my indiscretion, I slowly handed the tin over to him and said “What’s in it?” “Secrets,” he said with a not unfriendly gleam in his eye, tucking the tin neatly under his arm. “Come on,” he continued with a nod toward the kitchen, “why don’t I make us a cup of tea.” I never saw that tin again.


Rough Cut is a sturdy, gothic-style font with an approachable edge. Purchase includes all four styles: Regular Clean, Regular Rough, Italic Clean and Italic Rough. Each version has 259 glyphs, including 20 alternate characters and ligatures.

Check out a sample PDF, here.