Carnaby Street

The last time I saw London I was about eight or nine. I don’t remember the reason for the visit, but after wandering around for what might have been minutes or hours my family and I eventually landed on Carnaby Street. It was narrow, loud, and flooded with racks of clothes and signs and people that didn’t look like most of the people we saw in Bournemouth. I can’t say for sure whether Paul Weller was singing “Town Called Malice” on a radio somewhere, but that’s how I remember it. It was mesmerizing. And then there it was: an entire rack of perfect, brand new mod jackets, just like the one my friend Anthony wore. I begged my Dad to get one for me, but as was often the case there was just no way, not that day. It was a painful parting, and one that would never find true closure - I never did get my mod jacket. Nevertheless, for that moment it was nothing that a plate of scampi and chips at the pub around the corner couldn’t fix. And if I was lucky (and I usually was) my Dad might even let me vacuum the foam off the top of his pint. Cheers Dad - all is forgiven.


Carnaby Street is a modern take on a classic condensed typographic style. It has 294 glyphs, including over 30 alternate characters and ligatures. Purchase comes in three styles: Clean, Rough, and Blowout.

Check out a sample PDF, here.